Bridge’s New York Coffee

   100% Premium Colombian Arabica

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers 100% premium Colombian arabica coffee. Morning, day or night, we hope you will be able to enjoy the robust taste of our high quality coffee at work, with family and friends or quietly by yourself. Sit back and relax. Have a sip and dream of Manhattan Paradise. Welcome to our coffee world!



Regular Coffee Bean Price List (whole bean or ground)
100 gram bag     600yen (tax included)
200 gram bag     1000yen* (tax included)

Eco Discount: Bridge’s New York is Eco-friendly! Bring your empty 200 bag back for a bean refill (same flavor) and receive a 100yen discount! This offer is valid for 200 gram bags only, one time per bag

Point Card: With each 200 gram bag purchase, customers will receive one stamp on their point card. Collect 10 stamps and receive a free 100g bag of coffee as our free gift to you. We appreciate your business!


Manhattan Paradise

Manhattan Paradise is made from our premium, medium roasted Colombian Arabica coffee beans. It has a mild, medium-bodied, clear taste which is easy to drink. Pour yourself a cup and feel your stress melt away.





Manhattan Dark

True to its name our Manhattan Dark is made from our premium, medium roasted Colombian Arabica coffee beans. It has a full-bodied, rich, deep taste which is perfect when you feel the need to perk yourself up. Manhattan Dark is delicious served hot or cold! Try brewing some Manhattan Dark and letting it cool to room temperature. Then, put it in a container and chill it in the refrigerator. Serve in a glass full of ice for a delicious thirst-quenching treat. Our Manhattan Dark will invigorate you!