What is flavored coffee? Enjoy a sweet aroma without a sweet taste!

Our flavored coffee is made from 100% premium grade Sumatra coffee beans. After the coffee beans are roasted and cooled, we carefully add our unique aromatic flavoring. Our flavoring technique balances the naturally rich, full-body flavor of the coffee beans with each of our flavors. Absolutely no sugar is used so our flavored coffee is not sweet. True coffee lovers can enjoy the real taste of coffee while enjoying the warm pleasant aromas of our flavored coffee. Check out our flavored coffee line-up!
Flavored Coffee Bean Price List (whole bean or ground)
100 gram bag     600yen (tax included)
200 gram bag     1,100yen* (tax included)


Eco Discount: Bridge’s New York is Eco-friendly! Bring your empty 200 bag back for a bean refill (same flavor) and receive a 100yen discount! This offer is valid for 200 gram bags only, one time per bag

Point Card: With each 200 gram bag purchase, customers will receive one stamp on their point card. Collect 10 stamps and receive a free 100g bag of coffee as our free gift to you. We appreciate your business!

French Vanilla Coffee

French Vanilla Coffee has a soft, sweet aroma. By yourself or with a friend, enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee–you’ll be glad you did!





Hazelnut flavored Coffee

Enjoy the warm, nutty aroma of Hazelnut coffee. This is one of our most popular flavors. Its deep, rich aroma really has a relaxing effect. Sit back and indulge yourself!





Macadamia Nut Coffee

Have a sip of our Macadamia Nut Coffee and sail away on a perfect “mental getaway” from the stresses of your daily grind. It soothing nutty aroma will have you daydreaming of beautiful Hawaiian beaches and romantic sunsets in no time! Aloha, baby!





Pecan Nut Coffee

Pecan Nut Coffee is our “dessert coffee”. Enjoy the smooth, creamy nutty taste of pecan nuts perfectly blended with our premium 100% arabica medium roasted beans. It really is a treat!